Affordable Tiny Housing Solutions & Community Workshops

Operation Tiny Home partners with like-minded nonprofits across the nation to provide apprenticeship training workshops for Native Americans that seek to build high quality alternative housing options and tiny home communities. We teach program leaders and community volunteers how to build custom tiny housing solutions through hands-on construction and carpentry training workshops while building a home that will be donated to support housing needs in their community.

Our objective is to go beyond providing a simple housing solution. Our focus is to empower participants to build a better future for themselves while cultivating sustainable communities to create lasting transformation in housing stability within their community.

Our free workshops provide participants with access to resources, education, and new opportunities to facilitate personal growth, self-sufficiency, and fulfillment. Over the course of our immersive hands-on workshops, we cover a wide range of topics including construction terminology, foundation considerations, design, framing, sheathing, roofing, siding and trim, windows and door installation, finish carpentry, and multi-functional furniture design to creatively maximize small spaces.


In April 2019, Operation Tiny Home was thrilled to partner with the Lummi Stepping Stones and Wells Fargo to host a tiny home building workshop at Bellingham Millwork Supply to support the launch of the Eagle Haven Tiny Home Village.

Workshop participant were provided the opportunity to ‘dry-in’ a tiny home while learning from tiny house specialist and A&E TV Series Tiny House Nation Co-Host, Zack Giffin. Our 3-day workshop provided hands-on training of the basic tiny home construction process, from the foundation to the finishing trim. Lummi community members had the opportunity to become proficient with many of the tools common in home construction, while learning about different types of building materials, the order of operation, and how each step affects the next, all the way through the project. We covered skills such as reading and comprehending blueprints, foundation preparation, framing, window & door installation, exterior siding & trim and the unique Shou Sugi Ban art of preserving and finishing wood through charing with fire.

We believe building & construction doesn't have to be intimidating and is a craft and process that is accessible to anyone interested in learning. Our workshop participants gain new knowledge and increase confidence in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Please join us at our next workshop and expect to enjoy yourself, make new friends, and leave feeling inspired by what you've learned!

Workshops are FREE for Tribal Members! Follow us on Facebook! to learn when a workshop is coming to your area.

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Eagle Haven Tiny Home Village

Eagle Haven is a Lummi Stepping Stones 501(c)(3) nonprofit program that aims to provide affordable housing and the opportunity of self-sufficiency on the Lummi Nation Reservation for tribal members struggling with housing instability.

The Eagle Haven Tiny Home Village project is located on the Lummi Nation Reservation in Washington State as part of a comprehensive housing solution to support the homeless, displaced and disadvantaged Lummi Tribal members in need of support.

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Eagle Haven will offer 26 high quality custom tiny homes that includes all the amenities found in a full size home, including a kitchen, full size bathroom, and washer and dryer. Eligibility requirements for residency include a background check, monthly rental contribution, an agreement to abide by tenant rules and responsibilities, and a commitment to drug and alcohol free living.

Here's what some of our past workshop participants have to say about their experience.

The carpenter leaders were well versed in their trades and shared generously what was need to build work skills. They were a hard working crew and all had the most positive and friendly personalities for teaching and having patience with non-carpenter people! Met many good people there that were delightful.
— D. Ols, Bellingham, WA Participant
Everyone that came together and especially those who hosted and brought this together and made it possible need major recognition. I am absolutely floored by all the amazing people that still exist in this world.
— R. Sullivan Jr., Bellingham, WA Participant
This workshop was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to attending more in the future.
— J. Kurtz, Bellingham, WA Participant
I was honored to be a part of the workshop, bearing witness to the tiny home being presented to a Stepping Stones resident and proud of being a part of a cause like Operation Tiny Home which will bring joy to so many people.
— M. Julius, Bellingham, WA Workshop
This experience was all about connecting to the human spirit that unites us all. It was the most beautiful gathering and house raising and will be etched in my memory for years to come. Thank you so much for the opportunity!
— M. Fortez, Bellingham, WA Workshop
This opportunity to experience personal growth while helping others on a larger scale has been a blessing!
— S. Blair, Sacramento, CA Workshop
Learned a lot, met a great group of people, and did something that will make a difference in someone’s life. We did something beautiful for a person that deserves to know that there are people who care and love them. So rewarding.
— R. Cranely, 2017 Racine Workshop
Operation Tiny Home is a class act that exceeded all my expectations. David and I can’t say enough good things. We are still talking about it.
— — C. Re-Fowlkes, San Antonio, Workshop
The team handled everything professionally and kept us all on track. Absolutely awesome. Can’t wait for the next one.
— C. Williams, Sacramento, CA Workshop
This workshop was a game changer for me. I feel like I got flipped upside down and turned inside out. The Operation Tiny Home team was absolutely incredible. They all took the time to teach me, grow me, challenge me, feed me, and love me.
— M. Sheehan, Racine, WI Workshop
I learned so much in such a short time frame. I was able to participate at my own pace and there was always a wide variety of areas to keep everyone interested. I was able to always get all of my answers to any questions. I was a novice in so many ways but being in an environment where you felt welcomed and everybody was interested in giving all they had was phenomenal. My body gave out before I wanted it too. Even with all the hard work the atmosphere created was infectious and you did not want to leave at the end of each day! This was better than any vacation we have ever taken!
— G. Lewis, Arlington, TX Workshop
The joy I received and the friendships I made were beyond my expectation!
— E. Toney, Oklahoma Workshop Attendee
The pace of the workshop was great for instructional. The professionals were clear and concise with instruction blocks, and were supportive while we learned.
— T. Cupid, Orlando Workshop Attendee
I enjoyed meeting and interacting with everyone. Neither Zack nor other experts ever made me feel “stupid” or acted impatient with questions. This was truly an experience to remember.
— L. Rush - San Antonio Workshop Attendee