K. Gabrielle Rapport, Chairman & Executive Director

Gabrielle Rapport is the founder of Operation Tiny Home.  She is an experienced social entrepreneur and skilled team leader that enjoys nothing more than working with talented people that share her vision of purpose-driven, empowerment-focused social enterprise to enable thriving communities.

Zack Giffin, Board Member and National Spokesperson

Zack Giffin stars as co-host of FYI's TV series Tiny House Nation. He is also board member and national spokesperson for Operation Tiny Home, a professional skier, public speaker, and contractor. He has so much love for tiny homes that he built a mobile tiny ski house for himself, and has lived in it full-time for years. Each winter Zack moves his tiny home to powdery slopes across the country. He has traveled more than 20 thousand miles with his tiny home and has introduced thousands of people along the way to the wonders of this lifestyle.

He is a wealth of information about living tiny and brings his insight and expertise in carpentry to each build. Zack manages each project and build crew and his innovative tricks of the tiny trade always wow.  Zack designs a special build project for each home that is tailored to the homeowner’s needs, and his creations are not only super space saving inventions, they’re works of art.  

Zack works tirelessly to advocate for the benefits of tiny house living as a powerful and affordable solution to self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and personal freedom.  Learn more at ZackGiffin.com

 Learn more at ZackGiffin.com

Susan Mahabir, Treasurer & CFO

As a founding team member, Susan is Treasurer and CFO of Operation Tiny Home. She has over 20 years of experience in financial management, operational processes and human resource administration.  She also brings to the team her entrepreneurial experience in business development and management as the co-founder of Cherry Valley Vending and Cherry Valley Recording Studios.

Beatriz Goldsmith, Secretary

As Secretary for the Operation Tiny Home Board of Directors, Beatriz brings her leadership and communications skills, with a background in real estate development and investment executive administration, office management and marketing. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Behavior from Seattle Pacific University.

Board Committee Team Members


Elizabeth Malzewski, Program Committee Member

As a Training Coordinator for a major healthcare organization in WI, Elizabeth brings over 10 years of experience in project management, event planning, process improvement and leadership to the OTH team. Outside of her working role, Elizabeth spends most of her free time between volunteering and managing her personal hobby farm.

Tamara VanDam, Editor 

As a Board Certified & Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and experienced editorial consultant, Tamara brings her unmatched knowledge, creativity and vision to the Operation Tiny Home team.