Operation Tiny Home is a national nonprofit that assists people struggling with housing instability through custom high-quality affordable housing solutions and empowerment training programs. 



Tiny Home Building Workshops with Zack Giffin


Our free workshops are led by Operation Tiny Home team member, Zack Giffin, co-host of A&E’s popular TV show, Tiny House Nation. Zack not only brings star power but a wealth of knowledge and experience to every workshop, offering veteran participants a once in a lifetime chance to have hands-on instruction from one of the industries most recognized experts in the field.

Our program objective is to go beyond providing a simple housing solution. We provide hands-on educational training opportunities for veterans to enhance their building skills while offering a unique opportunity for them to give back to a fellow veteran in their community.  Participants learn carpentry skills, build confidence, and develop a supportive community as a resource to overcoming housing instability.



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The Down Payment Assistance Program provides stable housing opportunities for our community heroes and/or those that are dealing with hardship, such as natural disaster from fire or hurricanes. Eligible applicants can receive a down payment assistance grant, which applies toward the down payment on a loan for a professionally built custom tiny home that is either built on a trailer or a foundation.

Our program is designed to offer the support, training, and resources needed for successful tiny home ownership, including offering ongoing mentorship resources and an online tiny home ownership course.

We are committed to providing access to affordable housing choices. Down payment assistance grants empower those that are struggling with hardship. For those that need support to overcome housing instability and meet our eligibility requirements, a down payment assistance grant may help.


Affordable Tiny Housing Solutions & Community Workshops


Operation Tiny Home partners with like-minded nonprofits across the nation to provide apprenticeship training workshops for Native Americans that seek to build high quality alternative housing options and tiny home communities. We teach program leaders and community volunteers how to build custom tiny housing solutions through hands-on construction and carpentry training workshops while building a home that will be donated to support housing needs in their community.

Our objective is to go beyond providing a simple housing solution. Our focus is to empower participants to build a better future for themselves while cultivating sustainable communities to create lasting transformation in housing stability within their community.

Our free workshops provide participants with access to resources, education, and new opportunities to facilitate personal growth, self-sufficiency, and fulfillment. Over the course of our immersive hands-on workshops, we cover a wide range of topics including construction terminology, foundation considerations, design, framing, sheathing, roofing, siding and trim, windows and door installation, finish carpentry, and multi-functional furniture design to creatively maximize small spaces.