An Invitation To Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in Sponsoring the Operation Tiny Home Building A Better Future Program. We invite you to join us as a key partner of our San Antonio, Texas Project -- May 2017.

Operation Tiny Home has partnered with Fairways for Warriors, Milwaukee Tool and the San Antonio School Districts, Construction Career Academy (CCA) to donate a custom high-quality tiny home to a San Antonio combat-wounded veteran as part of our upcoming event on May 20 – 23, 2017, in San Antonio, Texas.

Tiny homes that are donated through our Building A Better Future Program are part of the Operation Tiny Home empowerment training initiative. We provide free tiny home building workshops for veterans that utilize tiny homes as a powerful educational tool.  The building process of a tiny home is no different to larger homes, but in a short period of time, we can provide a fully immersive hands-on training curriculum that includes the many steps involved in a typical build.  Each tiny home that is donated through our program is a fully functioning custom home that is built in compliance with local code and uses top quality materials that incorporate all the amenities that you expect to be included in a full-size house.  

On May 22 - 23, 2017, we are inviting 30 veterans to join us for a free 2-day workshop event. This workshop will be led by Operation Tiny Home Board Member, Tiny House Specialist and TV Co-Host of Tiny House Nation, Zack Giffin, to provide hands-on carpentry skills training.  Workshop participants will learn how to custom design and build multifunctional furniture and storage solutions to custom fit the tiny home built by CCA students to best fit the needs of the selected disabled recipient. 

One of the biggest issues facing America today is a lack of affordable housing, especially for our struggling veterans.  A high-quality affordable home provides the foundation that allows those that are struggling with housing instability to live a life with dignity. A tiny home can provide a sustainable solution for those that find this minimalistic lifestyle appealing.  Choosing to live a tiny home lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but for those that seek it, it offers a great sense of freedom that can have a profound and lasting impact on their lives, their families, and the communities in which they live.  

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in our upcoming San Antonio Project.  Your sponsorship will help veterans build community, learn meaningful skills, and provide a permanent housing solution for a combat-wounded veteran in need.

Recent sponsors of our Building A Better Future Project include Behr Process, Sunniland Corporation, Fujitzu General America, Sign Pro, James Hardie Building Products, WilsonArt, Fillomenas Restaurant, Chick-Fil-A, All Florida Insulation, Walmart Foundation, Sherwin-Williams, RexelUSA, RTA Cabinet Store, and Costco Wholesale.

The deadline for our San Antonio Project sponsorship is May 1, 2017.  

To explore available sponsorship options in further detail and confirm availability, please contact us by completing the form below or call 650-282-3588.

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Construction Careers Academy

9411 Military Drive West

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